Morphological Study of SiGe Solid Solution Growth Epilayers


  • Maher Nadher Abdullah



In this research, the procedures were obtained for the growth of epilayers of Si1–xGex solid solutions from tin and gallium solution-melt. The two solutions of the molten material were dissolved on a single-crystal silicon substrate in the direction of <111>. To reduce the amount of solution-melt used, the epitaxial layer was developed from a minimal volume of solutions of tin (Sn) and gallium (Ga) melt in a hydrogen atmosphere that had been purified by dissolving palladium (Pd) and was constrained by two substrates. The results were to obtain the lowest dislocation density in thin films. The relationship between thin film dislocation density and thickness was an exponential relationship between its variables. Thin films with a compound containing a smooth structure change were obtained by smoothly changing the lattice parameters of the gradient gap solid solution, and a structure of epilayers of gallium on a silicon substrate was also obtained.


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