Hybrid Cryptosystem Using Polybius and Elgamal Algorithm Over the Gaussian Integers


  • Hiba A. Khalaf
  • Rifaat Z. Khalaf




Polybius, Elgamal Algorithm, Gaussian integer


In composition theory, computer security, and engineering are all closely related fields under which cryptography, a technology that deals with data security, falls. However, the complexity of cryptographic systems must be increased due to the attackers' use of powerful computers. El Gamal encryption and the Polybius square were bypassed in this study's attempt to increase data security. As this hybridization was done in a Gaussian environment. The ciphertext produced by the Polybius box aims to strengthen the hybrid cipher. The simulation results show that the proposed technique creates a unique ciphertext that is immune from brute force or repeated attacks since it does not resemble any pattern of plaintext.


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